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GSPCI Officers

The GSPCI officer election are held every January.  For more information about becoming an officer, please read our by-laws.

Event Volunteers

We are always looking for event volunteers.  From Hunt test chairman to Chukar-O-Rama event coordinator to bird planters, we always need volunteers.  If you would like to participate in any of our events, please contact Kevin Keyt.


Officer/Contact Information

Please feel free to contact any of us.  We have broke it down based on officer job function and committee member function in order to get your email to the right person. 





Gary Moen

VP of Operations

Steve Arnold steve83642@yahoo.com


Brian Ropelle



Ann Young

Board Member

Ray Lorrondo

Board Member

Bruce Blasch

Board Member

Rod Randolph


Retiring President

Linda Cross Randolph

Breeder Referral Contact

Linda Cross Randolph

Membership Coordinator

Steve Arnold

Field Trial Information

Dean Crabbs

Web Site Brett Webb bmw31972@yahoo.com

Hunt Test Information

Dave Amick

Dog Referral Disclaimer:
The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho (GSPCI) does not endorse any dog or dog breeder referred to or published through this web site, nor does the GSPCI make any claims or representations as to the health, quality, or genetic background of any animal referred or listed. It is the buyer's responsibility to do the necessary research and obtain references about any prospective purchase. The buyer is encouraged to consult professional publications and ask many questions of experienced breeders, exhibitors, and hunt test and field trial participants before making a purchase decision. No breeder or member of the GSPCI is authorized to represent the GSPCI as endorsing any dog or breeder. 

For questions about our web site, please email Brett Webb at bmw31972@yahoo.com.